SEO as a Part of Business Process (2)



Website content, its quantity and quality gained a lot importance last couple of years especially with content marketing expansion and increase user experience relevance. So it’s obvious how important is to have competent writers who know the niche and write compelling pieces that attract links, make good PR or have any similar purpose. Still there are managers and owners who don’t see their importance and rely on their present staff(“I’m sure my office manager/assistant/marketing manager can write anything you need”) . This approach is wrong because this role can be managed only by people who are completely devoted to the task and professionals in their field. The more important than whether its part-time or full time job is how it’s done, with or without dedication and quality.

We at Mirror Solutions have our our own writers with diversified field of expertise capable of fulfilling all client’s needs. But if you are solo consultant in-house or freelance you would require a writer who can write types and amounts of content you require.

Although we are agency we are open for suggestions when content is in question. For specific industries where companies have their own writers who are in the industry for many years we think it’s better to create a strategy that will give their expertise enough space to present themselves.

More Understanding and Proactive Approach

Great SEO is not always made only from expensive content and big budgets. Like in some other situations in life if team works better then results can come from good cooperation and organized effort. The same thing is here. If your departments cooperate with SEO department than other sectors can give good content for good SEO campaign. For example sales team can give a data on trends within their sales over the year which SEO team can transform into great blog post or infographic. Vice-versa, SEO can provide sales team an input on which keywords are bringing most visitors to their website and how they correlate with inquiries from clients. As for marketing department and their sectors SEO can get great exposure for their internal and guest posts when cooperating with Social Media team. On the other hand SEOs can provide a sum of data useful to offline marketing departments like on which pages visitors spend most of their time, how competitors correlate with competitors on the field and much more.

These are just some examples of low-hanging fruits companies are missing to pick it up. So if there is a will to get the best of SEO than the better understanding between partnered sides is established the better results will come in return.

Key Takeaways


  • Create a clear structure of responsibilities with optimal time-frame so everyone can know when and what should be done.
  • Establish good communications between SEO and other department so they can have mutual benefit from that communication.
  • Except standard resources required for any marketing process make your good work organization be also one of your assets.
  • Make your SEO service profitable and capable of making long-lasting results by keeping them connected with all sectors of your company and providing them with resources they need. Otherwise there is a chance you’ll be receiving results from SEO that are bellow your expectations. The reasons for such situation will be laying right in front of you, still you won’t be able to see them.