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Crewed yachts, bareboat charters and private yacht charters on Mediterranean are some of the most required services during summer holidays. If you are a yacht hire service that provides luxury cruises for families and friends, there is not a single reason why your business should remain hidden and hard to find.

Search engine marketing aka PPC and display ads will put your yacht charter business among the first visible results on any search engine. We pick your target audience carefully, based on your input and our research and then craft a compelling message that is hard to resist.

Carefully Chosen Keywords

Those that do not know how to choose so called “money keywords” can waste a lot of your time and your company’s budget trying to attain some results. Not all keywords are equally worthy and not all of them will get you more customers. Our SEO experts have years of experience in PPC advertising and they know exactly which phrases are worth investing in and which ones will bring you more business.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads For Yacht Businesses

PPC ads are all about crafting that perfect short message that gives your audience what it is looking for and display ads can use content to show the best your business has to offer. Every yachting business can benefit equally from both types of ads if only they are tailor made for your potential customers.

Ads can be displayed on the Google AdWords platform or Bing Ads, depending on your budget and your preferences. We make a careful selection of websites where your ads will be shown so they reach your audience and present your business in the best light. This means that yacht charter rentals, for example, will be present on websites related to luxury, travel, big business, etc.

Maximum Return Of Investment And Regular Reporting

The best thing about Search engine marketing is that helps you achieve the most with limited budget that is far below traditional marketing standards. Once the keywords that convert are selected you will know where and how every cent is spent.

We will send you monthly reports that show how your business is benefiting from SEM and keep our services transparent and measurable at all times.

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Your business can become visible right away if you only invest in your PPC and display ads now.

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