Custom Web Design Services

Building your website from the ground up



Custom Web Design is at the same time the most complicated and the most rewarding because you get to choose how your company will be represented online from the tiniest detail. Unlike ready-made WordPress templates available online, you will be able to create the design that you think will work best for your audience.

However, Custom Web Design requires a team of experienced PHP developers and can last for a few months or longer, depending on the process and project management. If you do everything right you will have a user-friendly responsive website for your small business without too much code or too complicated design that can have a negative impact on your SEO.

We have Web Designers who are experts in Custom Web Design and they are always available for our clients whenever they need them.

We do our best to make our custom web design services as transparent as possible, which is why we present you with the basic steps of website design:

Brief & Client Demand

When charged with a task of creating a custom web design for small business, we focus first on what the client has to say and what are their goals. They know their customers and target audience better than anyone else and their brief is the important first step in the process of building a website.

We may be the experienced PHP developers, but the client is the one that tells us which way to go, what we should focus on, what kind of identity they want to build and what kind of impression they want to leave on their current and future customers. We follow their vision and make sure their business philosophy is brought to life.

Brainstorming & Initial Ideas

After we have listened to our client’s wishes and goals carefully, we organize a brainstorming of best web designer minds in our office, even call for the external help if need be. We search for ideas that will be used for your website and once we agree on the best ones, we ask our client for their opinion and input.


When all the comments, tweaks, and adjustments that the client suggested are made, our designers create mockups so you can have a general idea of how your website will look. We pay great attention to every detail and leave nothing to chance.

Of course, as a client, you have every right to propose some changes, state your opinions and comment on the design.

You will see several visualizations of our best ideas and then we will work together to make them perfect for your small business and your customers.


Once the design is agreed upon, we will create website architecture and wireframes, so that everything is properly connected and that the relationships between pages are well defined. If the plan and wireframe comply with each other, website development can start.

We also aim to build your website so that it can easily be expanded in the future without any damage to your layout


When the website is connected, we test it to make sure everything is working, that every page is responsive and that it loads fast enough to be mobile friendly. This is especially important for those small businesses who have web shops because they must be seamless before they go live.

We test on all browsers, devices and screen sizes to ensure each and every customer is getting the same superb experience with no bugs or crashes.

Running the website

After we have made sure that everything is working perfectly and exactly how the client wants it, the website is ready to go live and be presented to the public. Our web designers and developers are available at all times in case the new challenges and opportunities occur once the website is live and customers are using it.


Of course, no website will be discovered and get visits just by existing online, no matter how functional or unique. You have to put effort into its Search Engine Optimization and make sure your rankings are always improving.


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