If you notice that the traffic of your website has suffered a severe drop and its ranking has decreased, there is a great chance that you’ve received a penalty from Google. There are various reasons for that – from having Negative SEO and buying links from low authority sites, to publishing poor quality and inconsistent content.

It is often difficult to satisfy Google’s ever-changing algorithms and ensure a website the exposure it deserves, yet there is a solution that you can start applying today. You don’t need to stress out about the fact that your website was penalized even in case it disappeared completely, as our Mirror Solutions Group specialists can help you.

We have a lot of experience in Google penalty recovery services thanks to the opportunity to work with multiple companies that were dealing with different issues. We will apply a well-established procedure that will ensure you the results you desire in the shortest time possible and in case you wish to prevent this from happening ever again, we have a range of SEO services specifically designed for the purpose.

Effective Recovery Strategy Development

We are well-familiar with the fact that the recovery process can begin only then when each aspect of the website was carefully analyzed and considered. This is why our Google penalty recovery services include everything from link analysis and evaluation, over plagiarism check for content, to spam audit and anchor text analysis, and more.

Our team consists of knowledgeable SEO specialists that will all work as one to determine the core issues based on the overall and thorough SEO audit. The research and backlink audit will prove whether there is a Panda, Penguin, or manual Google penalty, and as soon as we get the diagnostics report, we will begin tailoring the adequate recovery strategy that will work the best.

Leaving the Google Penalty Recovery to the Professionals Is a Safe Way to Go

The panic that overwhelms the website owners once they discover there was a penalty is surely not convenient, yet we encourage you not to make any modifications by yourself, but instead, let our SEO specialists handle the issue adequately.

Each problem is different and therefore requires a unique solution, and after careful assessment, we will be fully familiar with the root of the issue. What comes next is us presenting you with a plan of action that you could easily comprehend and approve if agreed.

Depending on the findings, we will apply effective solutions that include elimination of the harmful backlinks and negative links and commit to improving the given content or deleting it if it fails to satisfy the regulations. Sometimes the keyword stuffing is the exact problem that caused the penalty, and often it is something graver like having multiple toxic links that keep your website down.

After we remove all the harmful elements and include the ones that will be greatly appreciated and rewarded by Google, all you can do is wait since the Google penalty recovery is entirely case-specific and it could take up to a month. Still, our SEO specialists can promise that once the recovery is complete, your website’s ranking position on SERPS will be reinstated and its organic traffic safely returned.

Contact Our Google Penalty Recovery Specialists Now

We’ve handled successfully numerous penalized websites, so you can rest assured that we offer proactive solutions for your problem.

Contact our SEO specialists now and let us create an effective recovery plan that will work in the shortest time possible, but also empower your website with an efficient SEO strategy that will ensure its stable and consistent ranking in the future.


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