Make your business stand out in local community with local search engine marketing



In order to achieve long-term success across search engines and not be left behind the competition, businesses are incorporating Local SEO into their marketing efforts. In fact they are making it an essential component. Local SEO is important for businesses that have a physical storefront like bakeries, law firms and similar businesses or service areas companies like taxis, gardeners, pizza delivery and more. So whether you are cakery from Miami, a landscaping Sydney business or NYC limo company a high-quality local SEO approach is essential.

With the rise of smartphone use the popularity and importance of this SEO technique among marketers has significantly grown. When looking for a product or service, people are looking for local information. Implementation of this technique produces results that are relevant to the searcher and their current location. Good implementation of Local SEO is vital and when carried out correctly it is a powerful tool used to reach your exact audience.

NAP Information Crucial for Businesses with Physical Location

If you are a business with a physical location, a well-balanced Local SEO strategy would allow you to pull in customers from the immediate area. These businesses should not underestimate the importance of NAP information. Google perceives it as the business’s unique identifier and it includes the name, address and phone number. Incomplete information or mismatched NAP information can damage the business’s credibility in local organic search, hindering the website performance in local rankings. Mirror Solutions has created successful targeted local search campaigns for many small to medium size businesses, bringing in more customers to their site from mobile apps, social media and local directories.

A Strong Local SEO Marketing Strategy

Including NAP on social media sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, reputable local directories, Yelp, Internet YellowPages and similar, improves your site’s overall ranking in local searches as search engines such as Google consider all this data when producing results for geo-targeted searches. A good combination of consistent information and an optimized website with adequate local link building is what a strong Local SEO marketing strategy requires.


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