Detail-orientated technical SEO



On page SEO is fundamental to the entire SEO process and definitely a great starting point. Website owners need to understand that the content and HTML of their websites are the most controllable SEO elements and a good On page SEO can improve organic traffic, drive leads and improve position in search engine results. For small and medium size businesses this all translates to lower online marketing costs and more return on investment. Examples of on-page optimization include everything from website content to providing important HTML clues, description tags, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density. However, On Page SEO is more than satisfying the search engine and creating search engine friendly pages. The user experience must be met in order to fully gain from your SEO efforts.

Optimizing For the Best User Experience

It is important to understand that user experience and SEO are intertwined. Good User experience provides an indirect but measurable benefit. The better the user experience the higher the website popularity, contributing to higher ranking of your website, so optimizing for User experience is very rewarding. Visitors that perceive your website positively will demonstrate their user experience by choosing to engage with your website through sharing links, bookmarking and return visits. Meeting the visitors demand by providing fresh, relevant and engaging content is therefore imperative. for Better Click-Through Rates

A project of the major search engines namely Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo! has resulted in This markup changes how the search results are displayed and helps provide the searcher additional information while on the other hand it gives the search engine what it needs to understand the content and provide the most relevant search results. Websites that have implemented extensive rich snippets created by markup, experience better click-through rates, thanks to the information-rich search results. At Mirror Solutions we offer a comprehensive suite of On Page SEO services providing a solution that meets the demands of today’s searcher.


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