Seo for eCommerce Business

Search Engine Optimization for eCommerce Business



As opposed to standard SEO strategies, the ever-growing world of the eCommerce market continues to impose more demanding conditions in order to reach success, with an emphasis on having the set of particular skills that will help you on your way to the top of the industry. It uncompromisingly requires the use of the right SEO tools and thoughtful planning of specific strategies for different eCommerce business websites. It is not a secret that a weak SEO strategy can directly affect clicks, brand impressions, and consequently the sales and we are doing our best to keep you high in the SEO game.

Technical SEO for eCommerce shops and businesses

Firstly, we are conducting a full on-page SEO implementation, which includes thorough keyword research as well as competition research. We are targeting only the most relevant keywords because we are aiming at high-quality traffic and higher conversion rates. We are performing comparisons with competitors and we suggest the improvements regarding the website’s architecture. This also includes a high-quality content writing, product and category descriptions, internal linking, use of Schema, incorporation of canonical meta tags, pagination, taking advantage of various site-search data and Sitemaps, category and merchandising pages, a proper URL indexation, and so on.

High-quality Content for eCommerce shops

The scope of our SEO services for eCommerce sites also extends to delivering quality website content for your online store that will perfectly fit your business identity. Our aim is to provide the customers with the right information on your business while being motivational at the same time. Our talented writing team provides only unique content that is engaging yet SEO optimized, without a risk of being penalized for duplicate content or similar things. Our product descriptions are accurate and SEO friendly, while our various blog articles are credible and tempting to the readers.

Inbound marketing and Off page SEO for eCommerce

We also offer off-site SEO management and services for a variety of eCommerce businesses from, wholesale online vape shops to truck oil change stores. Our capable team of SEO specialists uses numerous techniques that come quite handy when it comes to link building, measuring the inbound links and their value, social media integration, and social media feedback inclusion. We are fully aware of the power of customer reviews and we seek out directories that are relevant to the client’s businesses because aimless and sloppy link attachment to as many websites as possible is just not our thing. Our work ethic is strong and we are strictly engaged only in White Hat SEO, meaning that we are ready to deliver only the on-page and off-site SEO services that are in accordance with all terms of use imposed by the search engine itself.


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