Remarketing & Retargeting



Looking for a dedicated team of remarketing campaign creators that will help you reach customers that already visited your website but who will actually convert this time? You should look no further! Our small, yet experienced team of true experts is comfortable working on large number of remarketing campaigns simultaneously. Setting up and monitoring an efficient remarketing campaign is a complex task, though, as it involves studying various success factors as well as the process of fine customization, remarketing lists creation and figuring out what might entice these potential customers to come back and do a conversion on your website.

Remarketing the Right Audience

The fact is that Google’s Display network offers a plethora of possibilities for setting up a good remarketing campaign and this is where we can step in. Moreover, Display Network advertising is something we are very familiar with, and our previous experience lets us set up, optimize and monitor a huge number of display network remarketing campaigns at once. We know how to provoke an additional interest with your old audience by serving them the killer ads in different formats, which will be the best reflection of your business’ brand.

Better ROI

On the other hand, when written and optimized well, search ad campaigns are still having a great chance of reaching a huge number of interested people. Pair it up with a possibility that you have already got a substantial number of potential clients that visited your business’ website this way and expressed an interest in a product or a service you are selling and don’t miss a chance to create an outstanding remarketing campaign that will include custom ads creation by offering additional info on your business. Believe us, the success is at your fingertips.

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads

Our expertise also extends to various social networks and advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter promoted posts and many more. We understand the true value of the social media remarketing campaigns, especially when it comes to using them as a tool for increasing your ROI, given that a cost per click is cheaper than in search engine advertising while the targeting possibilities are actually better. This way, you can rest assured knowing that we can locate the customers who already visited your website and expressed a certain interest in your product. Then, we can create amazing custom ads that will be shown on Facebook only to those specific people who are the most likely to come back and convert.


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