Complete Online Marketing Solution

From SEO, PPC to Social Media, Content Marketing and More

Digital marketing consulting service represents a complete online marketing solution for every company. Whether you are launching a startup or running an established company our service offers a paved way to a success.  We offer you detailed analysis of your company products and services, online market research, various models of promotion and precise results tracking.


Startup Promotion – Launching A New Product The Right Way


Analysis of the project

If you are starting a new exciting project it is of vital importance that you know what your startup’s opportunities are. First process we complete is an analysis of your project and see the type of the project, what is his targeted audience and market trends , what are his advantages comparing to others(if they exist)  and finally to what extent his promotion can be profitable.


Choosing the best marketing model

The next step is setting the type of online marketing campaign that suits your project. Depending on the characteristics of the project we set primary marketing channel (SEO, Social, Display Advertising and others or the most adequate mix of marketing services.  All processes are specified with precise goals duration of the campaigns and estimates of ROI for the client. This way the client has a clear picture of what to expect for what price at what time.


Redefining Current Marketing Strategy for Established Companies

We also have a package for established businesses looking to increase the number and improve their online presence:


Current Marketing Plan Modification

We carefully approach your existing business model and craft our strategy around it .Our digital marketing consulting service offers in-depth analysis of previous results, modification and improvement of current strategy. At the same time we are looking to keep all good trends and assets and the other hand improve sections that don’t bring expected results.


Implementing New Channels of Promotion

It happens very often that companies invest a lot in certain types marketing but in return they receive unsatisfactory number of sales, reservation and other types of goals. One of the reasons lay in incorrect type of the promotion. These are occasions where we suggest different approach and adding more channels of promotion or replacing the current ones with those that are more compatible and can bring better results.