Monthly Digital Marketing Round-up, March 2019

Google’s March update was one of the most important news in the previous month, but, of course, it wasn’t the only one.

Speaking of Google, they also stated that sites are faster and abandonment rates have dropped since making page speed a ranking factor for mobile searches. Web pages in more than 95% of countries have improved their performance and their speed.

Also, Google finally decided that it’s time to make message scheduling available on Gmail and to expand Smart compose on more devices and languages and make it super easy to write those time-consuming emails.

And Ahrefs announced that they will be making their own search engine.

For anyone just trying their luck or setting their career path on the SEO marketing, MOZ has just updated their SEO Guide For Beginners and there is no source that is more relevant than MOZ.

Speaking of MOZ, Cyrus Shepard gave us seven valuable tips on link relevance and Google rankings. Pay attention to your anchor text, hub and authority pages, as well as local interconnectivity.

Site migrations are an everyday task for an SEO expert and some of them simply fail. Search Engine Journal advises you how to avoid mistakes in those situations. The usual reason is that you planned poorly, that you lacked the awareness of potential risks, that you lacked knowledge or that your checklist missed some points.

With the rise of voice search and devices like Alexa and Google Chrome, it’s really confusing that voice search data is not available yet. First of all, they can be a goldmine for user intent data, SEOs and Content Managers will be able to adjust their strategies and, most importantly, marketers will know what part of their conversions is coming from voice searches.

However, no SEO is complete without its KPIs – here are five of them that can help you measure your link building and outreach efforts.

Website Jing Daily advises you what mistakes to avoid if you want to market luxury business in China – find the right data, understand that China views your brand differently and know how to deliver your message.

Another territory that has yet to be discovered when it comes to marketing is Gen Z, so eConsultancy researched what do they like when it comes to retail. Apparently, they love Amazon, but would still rather shop in the regular stores, they think Facebook is dead, but YouTube is very much alive to them.

Chatbots are all the rage now and if you already don’t have one, you should probably reconsider your marketing and customer service strategy. However, you have to pay attention to whether your chatbot is a replacement for a human or just a cold robot. Teach your bot to be likable, to listen and care and you will win the game.

Kenneth Low argues that Blockchain technology is bringing power back to the shopper on his Medium blog.