20 Best Free SEO Tools

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Everyone who is familiar with the benefits which SEO brings to the business knows that it is very hard to predict which strategies will be most successful unless you use some of the tools which will help you get a clear image of how your website is performing and which aspects you should improve.

Nowadays consumers of your products or services see the internet as their integral part of shopping experience. No matter if they are going to buy online or in person, they will use the internet to get more information regarding the thing or service they need.

If your budget is tight, but you are aware of the importance of SEO and you need to get better results as soon as possible, we found the top 20 best free SEO tools:



1. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Website owners and publishers can realize what link opportunities they might be missing on by discovering competitor’s backlinks. This tool will show any website’s domain rating,  URL rating scores, the top 100 links to any website or web page, top 5 anchors, and top 5 pages for free. This is quite limited considering that premium version offers 16 trillion known links and covering 200 million root domains, but you can be sure that will be enough to help you improve your place in the digital market.


2. Google Search Console

You can use it for regular service of your website and check if everything is running smoothly, and spot bigger issues quickly. By using it, you will have a chance to check if your site or blog is Google friendly and to monitor Google’s indexing for it. Search Console is constantly updated and new features like URL inspection tool or the new sitemaps report (performance, links, index coverage status, sitemaps, etc.) are just some of the things we can expect to be improved in 2019.


3. Answer The Public

This tool will help you uncover the questions people are asking in Google or Bing searches. This is how it works – when you type your targeted keyword you will get a list of the questions, prepositions and alphabetical lists related to your query. This will help you realize which answers you have to provide to your potential customers and you will be able to meet their needs. It is a very popular tool among content marketers because it shows content gaps and gives fresh ideas.


4. Beam Us Up

If you are using Windows and need a great SEO crawler, this is the thing for you. It is a perfect alternative to Screaming Frog, which is the most famous spider tool, but its free version is pretty limited in functionality. Because of that, people who want to save some money are looking for something that is totally free, and Beam Us Up is one of the best free spider tools. It will help you find and fix errors quickly, sort out duplicate site pages, save you time by exporting all the data to Excel or Google Drive Spreadsheet, and crawl more than any other free SEO crawler.


5. Yoast SEO

When it comes to WordPress plugins, Yoast is probably the best SEO tool you can get. You can use it to optimize your title and meta tags, as well as content, generate your sitemaps, check if you are using targeted keywords often enough and if they are used in the right sections. Their readability check can be helpful with content, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t always get the best rating.


6. MozBar

This is a web browser extension for Google Chrome which provides valuable metrics about your website for SEO purposes, similar to Ahrefs’ one. Using MozBar will help you see which links on the page are internal/external and which are dofollow/nofollow. You will be able to do an SEO analysis of your competitors by checking backlink profiles or measuring domain authority. It is a perfect solution when you need SEO research on the go.


7. SEOQuake

It is a free toolbar extension which will show you Alexa rank, PageRank, keyword density, backlinks, Google and Facebook likes, SEMrush ranking data, and many other useful parameters. You will be able to access analytical data on any webpage quickly and easily. SEOQuake offers SERP Overlay which will fill in your SERP with data specific to each result. This can save you a lot of time since you won’t have to navigate manually from one page to another.


8. SEMRush

If you are looking for profitable keywords, this is the tool you should use. When you finish your keyword search, it will provide the keyword strategy used by your competition, look for the backlink opportunities and much more. It is mostly used by bloggers and content writers to optimize their sites and create engaging content for their audience. Also, you will have a 14 days trial period to test their premium features for free.


9. WooRank

This tool will help you monitor your website performance, and stay one step ahead of your competitors by using its Competitive Analysis to track their keywords. You will also be able to track your own keywords and check how they are performing and create detailed reviews with WooRank Reviews feature. Their Marketing Checklist will provide personalized tips which will help you optimize your website. Except for the desktop devices, they offer a great mobile section, so you will be able to find the information about how fast your website loads on smartphones, for example.


10. Ubersuggest

Installing this tool will help you get hundreds of long-tail keywords ideas based on the keywords you provide. In order to be able to do so, Ubersuggest collects the data related to Google searches from Keyword Planner and Google Suggest. You can even filter out the keywords you don’t want to see from search results. They provide useful information such as the level of competition or CPC for each suggested keyword.



If you have ever wondered how your website looks like from a perspective of a search engine, BROWSEO will show you. You will have a clear image of your webpage or site without a distraction of templates, photos, and font styles, so you can see its core structure. This tool will collect and group all the elements of a page which are relevant for SEO, giving you a clear insight into the quality of your optimization.


12. Check My Links

In case you are editing a webpage which has a lot of links, this mighty Google Chrome extension will be a great help. It will find all the links on a webpage in no time and check each one. Check My Links will highlight the valid ones and broken ones. Once they are identified, you will be able to copy the bad ones to your click board by one click, simple as that.


13. SERProbot

This advanced analytics tool will help you get a detailed graphical report regarding your website performance for each keyword. You can check up to 5 keywords without even registering on their website. All you have to do is enter your domain name (or URL) and a list of keywords, and you will be able to check the ranking results for various countries (e.g. google.de, google.com, etc.). There are many other great features this tool offers like competitor’s site search, unlimited projects, and keywords or automatic reports, but you will have to register on their website to be able to use them.


14. LinkMiner

After entering your website into the URL field and hitting the enter button, you will instantly get relevant data. If you use it as a Chrome extension, it will automatically list out all the backlinks for a specific site, and you will be able to export the list of scraped links to CSV by just one click. LinkMiner will allow you to filter and manipulate the data easily and it is especially useful for Broken Link Builder tactic. One more advantage of this tool is that it provides pretty accurate information, and since it is very user-friendly it is a perfect choice even for SEO beginners.


15. Redirect Path

This Chrome extension will flag up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes and all the client-side redirects such as meta and JavaScript redirects. It will help you see the potential issues which might not be noticed immediately without it. Except for the flagging up redirects and errors, this plugin will display HTTP headers and server IP address by just one click. You will be able to share this information or add it to your technical audit documentation easily since everything can be copied to your clipboard.


16. SEO Hero

If you regularly update your content, but you run out of ideas and can’t decide which topics and subtopics are important to mention in your content, SEO Hero will be a great help. It will scrap the top 100 Google search results for your target keyword and use Google API to analyze the text. Using that information, it will provide a list of the most important, frequently used words and phrases.


17. Google Analytics

It is hard imagining SEO without Google Analytics. They will help you analyze your website traffic. If you are not already using it, you should install it ASAP, because your website is a central hub for your digital presence, and the best way to track your digital marketing effectiveness is to use this SEO tool. Google Analytics tool puts a few lines of tracking code into your website code, and it records various activities of the users while they are on your website. The code collects other useful information about your online visitors such as the gender, age, their interests and then sends it to Google Analytics (GA).


18. Google Keyword Planner

This is a great tool inside of the Google Ads that will help you pick the keywords which are the most relevant for your business and your niche. It is the first step to planning your SEO strategies and your campaigns. You will get an insight into how often some word or phrase is searched and it will even suggest the estimated bid you should pay for each keyword. If you want to get your ad in front of the right customers, this is the tool you should use.


19. CanlRank

You will be able to reach a higher ranking position in search results with minimal SEO work and link-building just by identifying the low-competition keywords, and that is exactly where CanlRank will help you. It will provide suggestions on how to better target those keywords and grow your traffic. It can also be used for a detailed analysis which will help you discover profitable niches where even the small websites can gain a higher rank.


20. Mobile Friendly Test

This might be the best way to check if your website is mobile-friendly by checking out its score in terms of mobile sites responsiveness. You will get the advice which will help you improve your website and make sure it is optimized for mobile devices and tablets properly. It is pretty useful if you consider the fact that nowadays consumers mostly search for product or service on their phones instead of desktop devices.


Which one of 20 best free SEO tools will you choose?

We live in a fast-moving, modern era where the digital market is growing and SEO is more important than ever before for any business, especially small and medium ones, as well as startups who have yet to make their name in the world.

Our summary of the 20 best free SEO tools will probably help your marketing team learn the basics of search engine optimization and optimize your website. Hopefully, once you engage your audience and increase the number of visitors on your website as well as your rankings, your conversion rates and sales will grow significantly.

However, if at any point of your digital marketing efforts you realize that you need something more to boost your business, beat your competitors and gain higher ranking on search results, you can count on Mirror Solutions professional SEO services.