An agent who answers the phone call for your company is creating the first impression to your potential customer. It is highly important that first impression is on a high level as well as professionalism and knowledge of your company service in further conversation. We take pride in having this done the right way, and we assure you that we turn potential customers into regular customers.

Shared Agent

Besides dedicated agents, our company also offers shared agents who are the most suitable option for many of our clients. This way, your calls can be answered 24/7 under very affordable rates. Show your customers that they can rely on your company any day at any time – weekends, morning, nights, holidays..

If volume of incoming calls is still not on high level where dedicated agent is necessity, shared agent option can be perfect solution for your business. This is an affordable way of having your inbound calls properly answered with professional agents who will get the best out of every single call.

Our clients have full summary of every call, and no calls will ever be wasted with us. We send email notifications after every call that provides information on: person that called, reason of calling, and phone number.


As no other call center service, our shared agents also monitor email and make sure they are replied in no time. This way, quotes will be replied promptly and any changes, cancellations, or additions will be taken care of in professional manner.

Our agents are fully trained to provide customers with all necessary information, and to go an extra mile to “close the deal”, and help you grow your business.


Another feature that we can assist you with is the chatbot that will be monitored at all times. This feature has became very important asset and customer acquisition tool for every service that is looking to capture as many potential clients as possible. Having 24/7 active chatbot on your website will reflect nothing but your company’s professionalism and pro activeness to assist your customers in most effective possible manner.

Contact us today, and our sales manager will create the best price possible based on your needs, shifts, and volume of service that needs to be covered. We are constantly expanding our team with fully proficient English speaking agents, and we do have capacity to take new clients at any point.

Get Ahead Of Competition With Technology

Additionally, our team is equipped with latest technology that helps us to excel in our customer service. Whether it’s flight and boat schedule, traffic or route planning – we got it all covered. There will be no unpleasant surprises that can sometimes occur with ground transportation, neither for you nor your customers.

Nobody likes answering machines and prerecorded messages, which is why true human interaction is always a better option for your business. Try Mirror Solutions dedicated agents now and enjoy the improvement in your customer service and sales.

Mirror Solutions provides its limo answering service in partnership with premium limo call center service company – Globalbond.


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