10 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Shouldn’t Ignore SEO

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You have heard about SEO and the benefits it can bring to a different kind of online businesses, for sure. However, you have probably wondered why it is so powerful? We will help you shine a light on the role it can play in online marketing and explain why investing in SEO is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you are a small business owner.

Like other areas of digital marketing, SEO will help you reach a wider audience and spread the word about your product or a brand, which will potentially lead to a higher number of conversions and increase your sales. But, first of all, you will need to understand how badly not using SEO may affect your business.

We will show you 10 reasons which will help you understand the importance and values of optimizing for search engines, and why you should always set aside some money in your budget for SEO.


Reason #1: You Are Missing Out On Your Local Customers

Nowadays customers use quick online searches to find businesses nearby. If you still haven’t implemented SEO, your competitors will probably take away all your potential clients. Search engines may have a hard time determining your exact location and the slightest SEO effort from your competition can leave your business in the background. This may have a major impact on your offline sales, too, because the majority of consumers use the Internet to search for stores where they can purchase in person. That is why even offline small businesses can’t afford to ignore the power of online marketing and digital strategies based on SEO tactics. 


Reason #2: You’re Not Creating Quality Content Which Can Pull In Traffic

Google doesn’t search for code, it searches for content. So, obviously, SEO is not about great coding only. Search engine optimization helps you keep up with popular searches in your niche by using proper keywords and phrases and creating content relevant to your industry. This way you will not be missing out on customers. It is important to frequently post informative content which covers a wide range of business-related topics, in order to attract the attention of a greater number of people.


Reason #3: Customers Are Questioning Your Reputation

When you ignore SEO, you risk that your potential customers never put trust in your brand or simply start doubting your credibility. The further you are on the SERPs – the shadier your business may seem. Setting the right SEO strategies will help you gain a higher ranking in search results which automatically brings more trust in your business in the eyes of your audience. You should keep in mind that sometimes it takes time to build up the reputation, but quality search engine optimization will help you appear in top results and keep your rankings long-term.


Reason #4: Unpleasant Surprises From Google Updates

Google is constantly improving its algorithms to ensure that the sites which appear in search results are relevant and trustworthy. Subsequently, thousands of sites lose their high rankings, and as a result, their customer’s trust is shaken. On the other side, small business owners who realized on time the importance of SEO practices get back on their feet again shortly after the turbulent period. Strong search engine optimization strategies will lower the risk of your business being affected by future Google updates which tend to happen every few months.


Reason #5: Your Website Visitors Are Having Bad User Experience

It is very important to have a user-friendly website and optimize it to be equally functional for mobile, tablet and desktop users. That will determine whether the site is appealing enough for users and whether they will be leaving shortly after they have visited. 

One of the most important prerequisites established by Google is creating a fast loading website because your customers surely won’t wait for too long. It is better to invest in SEO from the beginning than to pay double the money for website improvements once you realize that something is wrong.


Reason #6: Your Social Media Ads Are Not Converting

Social media ads are getting more popular by the minute. Almost everyone is using them thinking that it is enough to pay for the ad and you’ve solved your problem. However, without a proper SEO strategy, you will be spending your money and not getting the result you wanted i.e. not having the conversions nor increasing sales. For example, your ad will have no purpose if the website is loading too slow or if the content is not clearly explaining what you are selling. With a professionally optimized webpage and less money, you can achieve even better results than you’ve expected.


Reason #7: You Are Not Targeting The Profitable Niches

Sometimes using the most searched keywords isn’t enough to reach a wider audience. What is more, you are likely to waste a lot of money investing in badly optimized PPC campaign. You will need someone who can perform detailed research and define which keywords in your niche are the most likely to convert. You probably aren’t aware that even the minor difference in keywords may cause you to completely miss the potential of high-traffic terms while your competitors are gaining huge revenue.


Reason #8: You Are Investing Only In PPC

While you have to pay for PPC traffic, the one that comes from SEO is organic (and it will more likely convert than paid one). We can’t say that PPC isn’t good for your business, but it can be pretty expensive and requires constant investments. Once you stop paying for the ads, you will slowly start losing your clicks, rankings, and customers. 

On the other side, SEO strategies will help you pop-up in front of your potential customers by using keywords, quality content, and other tactics. Nevertheless, both SEO and PPC have pros and cons, but the best solution for any business is the combination of these tactics in accordance with the given situation.


Reason #9: You Have Troubles Increasing Website Traffic 

Without proper SEO implementation, you won’t be able to gain a higher volume of traffic on your website. One of the best ways to do that is to use defined keywords in the content, so users can find it easily. Keyword implementation will help you get a higher number of website visits which will potentially lead to a higher number of purchases and new customers. If you want to do this properly, you will need an SEO expert to perform detailed research of popular keywords related to your business.


Reason #10: You Are Paying Too Much To Build Brand Value

You have to work hard and invest in building your brand if you want to gain the trust of your customers and make people appreciate your business. While some wealthier and bigger companies opt for traditional methods like media ads when promoting their brand, small business owners rather choose SEO and other social media strategies which are far less expensive but help you achieve impressive results with minimal investments. 


Here is one last thing you should keep in mind. Giving someone canvas and paintbrush doesn’t mean they will create a masterpiece. If you want a top-notch painting, hire a master of painting. In the end, if you want outstanding search engine optimization, hire Mirror Solutions SEO masters, and we guarantee that we will deliver great results!