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iOS App Store contains over 2 million apps with more than 2 000 apps being released every day and some half a million registered publishers. The number of downloads has increased since Apple Watch was introduced, but let’s not forget that there are separate apps for iPad and Apple TV. The majority of iOS apps are games, while the remaining apps fall under business, education, entertainment, food, and other categories. Still, there are about a million apps on the App Store that haven’t received a single rating, which means that about half of all iOS apps are completely ignored.

You certainly don’t want your app to be in the losing half which is exactly why you have to market your app, no matter what its purpose may be. There are several marketing channels when it comes to iOS apps that can help you push your app into the light like – app store optimizations (ASO), App Store Ads, inbound marketing (official website, link building, content marketing, etc), social media promotion and mobile ads. You may need all of these channels or just a selected few, it all depends on your goals and your niche.

iOS App Store Optimisation

Any app that is submitted to the iOS App Store needs optimization in order to become discoverable. That means that a set of carefully selected keywords are determined for a selected app, that the title and description are written in a creative and interesting manner with a compelling CTR that incites downloads.

The results of the ASO efforts are carefully selected and the adjustments are made whenever is needed.

App Store Ads

iOS App Store is unique for its ability to offer paid advertising, showing your app on the first place whenever a user searches for an app similar to yours. It also has a “Today” section with content where best apps are suggested to users through interesting articles, as well as “Games” and “Apps” tabs with games and other apps suggested by editors.

All these options connected can make your app more visible to anyone searching for a new app on the iOS App Store.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is one of the strongest assets in every app promotion. This broad term actually includes building and promoting your app’s official website (which can have its own SEO promotion), link building through app reviews and guest posts, content marketing through blog posts, videos, etc.

All of these marketing efforts collected should bring the user to you organically, instead of you paying for their acquisition through ads.

Social Media Promotion

Regardless of your target audience’s age, social media is the perfect marketing channel to reach each and every potential user. The only question is which social network you will use, which can be determined after an analysis of your app’s purpose and goals.

Of course, very few businesses and products can expect any kind of audience engagement without paid advertising.

Mobile Ads

Another paid form of promotion for your iOS app is Google display network, mobile ads, and cross-app ads. This way you can reach your potential users when they search for keywords similar to your app when they visit websites with similar topics or use similar apps.

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Your iOS app marketing should start before the app has reached its final stage. You get your users excited about your app through inbound marketing and paid ads and improve it as you go. You can rely on user reviews to improve their experience. 

Contact us and we’ll do a quick app audit and suggest the first steps that should be taken for your app to skyrocket in the winning half of the iOS App Store.


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