How to Recover from Google Penalty?

Finding out that a website that you’ve been building patiently for months to reflect your business image in the best way possible has been penalized by Google is certainly not pleasant. Still, not everything is lost as there are effective solutions that you can take to reinstate and recover your website’s rankings and organic traffic. 


No matter if the penalty is delivered by the algorithm or human editor, you’ll receive a notification if Google’s terms of service have been violated in any way. At first, you will probably be astounded as you’ve made an honest mistake that often includes keyword stuffing, or you’ll have no idea why your content is considered inappropriate suddenly. Since Google algorithms are frequently updated, it is often difficult to predict what exactly triggered them to deliver a penalty, yet what’s crucial is to react immediately and preserve all the hard work you’ve done in the past. 


There are various powerful SEO techniques that you can apply to both prevent getting the penalty and take the steps toward recovery. Mirror Solutions Group offers a wide range of SEO services including Google Penalty Recovery, so feel free to contact us today and learn why having a potent and consistent SEO strategy is so important for your business. 


Algorithm Or Manual Penalty? Each Requires a Different Approach


To be able to create an effective recovery plan, the first step includes determining the exact type of penalty we are faced with. 


The two common algorithm penalties are known as Panda and Penguin, and the great news is that the solution for both requires the same action. Note that it is important to fix the issue as soon as possible since the recovery gets noted after the algorithm update. As you can’t know when the given update will happen, you should take immediate steps towards the recovery. 


If you received a Panda penalty, it means that the quality of your webpage is not satisfactory. Make sure to check the web page loading time, navigation, content quality, and note if the page is overstuffed with ads. In case there are duplicate content and pages, you should delete those as this could be the core issue. Still, the Panda is extremely sensitive to poor content quality, so always be conscious about the content you put on the website. After all, original pieces of content which have high value and are informative and educative will serve as one of the most powerful SEO elements in your digital marketing strategy. 


When it comes to Penguin penalties, they are mainly focused on unnatural links and anchor text and its distributions. You can contact the website to demand from them to remove the link or disavow the domain in case no one responds. 


Now, the manual penalty requires the same steps as you would take for the Penguin penalty, yet you should contact Google once the modifications are done to review the website and hopefully remove the penalty. Still, you must be patient as this sort of recovery is usually the slowest one. 


What Can I Do to Prevent Google Penalties?


Besides focusing on the content and maintaining its quality consistent, it is important to be aware of the links you put on the website, consider writing smart anchor texts, and avoid putting too many guest posts. The most efficient way to preserve brand consistency and trust is to build a website that truly deserves to be ranked high, and Google usually does a great job in recognizing those. 


Still, you don’t need to be constantly anxious whether Google will find a certain inconsistency on your website or page as there are SEO experts who can take care of that while you can invest all your time and energy in what you do best. 


We at Mirror Solutions Group share a common goal with you which is the genuine desire to see your business thrive, so feel free to contact us today and find out how we can help you in your mission.