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Inbound and Outbound Calls (providing quotes, taking reservations, recording amendments, confirming reservations, handing complaints, responding on emails and chat, and more) Ground transportation services thrive off the superb customer support. The more you are able to grant your customers’ wishes and understand their needs – the more they will count on you when it comes to booking transportation. The best way to make sure your customers are always taken care of is to have dedicated agents and full customer support that is available at all times, even after hours, on weekends and during holidays.

Save Your Time And Money

Since your agents are usually the only ones communicating directly with the customers, you cannot afford to partner with just anyone. You need the experienced and properly trained team that can deliver. They will communicate with such dedication that it would feel as if they’re sitting in an office next to you. We offer highly trained staff for a good price so that you can reduce costs of establishing your own limo call center services and limo answering service. They will also help you save your time and focus on further developing your business by outsourcing your customer support to experienced, friendly and helpful professionals.

Leave The Customer Support To The Professionals

Mirror Solutions offers dedicated agents that are available 24/7. Our professional customer service representatives will be the point of contact for all your customer needs, suggestions and special requests.

Our agents will take all of your Inbound and Outbound Calls. Meaning they are ready to provide quotes whenever customers request a service and as soon as they request it. Afterwards, agents will make reservations that are submitted via your website or phone and confirm them by calling the customers. The agents can even give suggestions in case the customers are unsure of what type of service or vehicle they need. Our dedicated team will also be recording any amendments or suggestions that come from customers and handle any type of complaints in a polite and professional manner. Agents will respond to emails and communicate via chat, making sure that your customers never wait for an answer and get all the information they need within seconds.

See Your Service Sales Improve As Well

First the dedicated agents will be trained about your business, services and practices. They will be engaged exclusively for your business, so that they can be available to your customers at all times. Once your account is created, our agents will make sure that their communication aligns with your company’s policies and values and that all of your expectations are met. When your account goes live you will have a team that will not only serve as your partner, but a part of your company.

Our dedicated agents are also experts in sales and marketing that are focused on building strong relationships with your clients. They will help you upsell and cross sell your transportation services to the customers and deliver the results, both in sales and customer satisfaction that will by far exceed your expectations. Our staff will help protect and build your brand further, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Get Ahead Of Competition With Technology

Additionally, our team is equipped with latest technology that helps us to excel in our customer service. Whether it’s flight and boat schedule, traffic or route planning – we got it all covered. There will be no unpleasant surprises that can sometimes occur with ground transportation, neither for you nor your customers.

Nobody likes answering machines and prerecorded messages, which is why true human interaction is always a better option for your business. Try Mirror Solutions dedicated agents now and enjoy the improvement in your customer service and sales.

Mirror Solutions provides its limo answering service in partnership with a premium limo call center service company – Globalbond


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