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Hiring a dedicated staff for customer support is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Luckily, you can now outsource your taxi and limo call center services to Mirror Solutions and get a team of professional customer service agents without having to pay for all the employee expenses. We want you to focus on your work, invest your money in developing your business and leave the customer service to our agents, who have long term experience in handling transportation clients with care. Once you decide to partner with Mirror Solutions and make our staff a part of your team, your dedicated agents will be trained specifically for your business and focused only on you and your clients. They will keep your best interest in mind, looking for good opportunities to cross sell and upsell your services to customers. They will have such an outstanding performance, that you will have a feeling that they’re the office next to you and an equal part of your company.

Our Dedicated Customer Service Agents Are Fully Trained To Cover :


We create separate accounts for all your business clients and use them to keep a record of that client’s reservations. Owing to these accounts, our agents can know in advance what kind of transportation is required, what is the usual destination and they can even predict future transportation services. This data will help agents develop strong relationships with clients and ultimately increase your customer’s satisfaction and retention.

VIP Passengers

Every passenger is important, but VIP passengers can sometimes require special treatment and above the expectation service. After all they do spend a lot on your services or simply have a great influence on your current and future customers. To make your VIPs feel special, we can create separate VIP number that only your most important customers can call. The call will be picked right away by our most experienced and knowledgeable agents who will make sure that any situation, positive or negative, is handled.

New Customers

New customers require extra care, because they are not yet certain what kind of service they are about to receive. Our highly skilled agents will take special care of your new customers and give them all the necessary information. Agents will answer all their questions in order to ensure them that they are getting the quality service that they paid for. As sales professionals, our agents will make sure that each call or request ends with a service reservation.

Special Requests

Special requests are not uncommon when it comes to transportation services. Maybe it’s a once in a lifetime occasion and it’s important for customers to know that their wishes are understood and possible to organize. Our agents will carefully plan every detail of your customer’s requirements making sure the superb transportation service is cherry on top of their special occasion. Our staff will even make a detailed plan and coordinate with chauffeurs to make sure that everything goes according to the plan. Once again, this is where the agents’ sales abilities have the opportunity to make the most out of every reservation.


Group transportation can sometimes require additional planning and organization. Whether it’s company employees, important clients or sports teams – we can manage all of them. Our professional agents have extensive experience in handling group transportation and luggage. Our dedicated team can execute all your client’s group requests, big or small, recommend the best vehicle for each group and handle any task no matter how complicated it becomes.

Try Mirror Solutions’ fairly priced limo call center services now and see how you can significantly improve your customer satisfaction and increase your sales.

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