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Our Android app digital marketing includes ASO, SEO, Display Ads, Social Media, Content Marketing and More



Google Play Store launched in 2008 with about 13 apps, whereas today there are more than 2.6 million apps available for download with even more to come in the future. The number of Android app downloads has long surpassed that of an iOS App Store and even though users install some 100 apps and more on their smartphone, they regularly use only about 30% of them. About 88% of user spending is intended for games, but still, games account for less than half of all downloads. The reality is that very few apps actually make any money.

As you can see, the numbers are pretty rough. Making an app and being visible on Google Play Store seems hard enough, having regular users even harder and earning money from an app nearly impossible.

Still, if you have a great idea and you made an Android app, you certainly don’t want it to remain invisible. Then you simply have to promote it through different marketing channels – Google Play store, social media, official website, link building, and mobile marketing.

App Search Optimisation for Android Apps

App Search Optimisation (also known as ASO) is just a first step on your Android app marketing journey and it includes optimizing your app so it is easily discoverable on Google Play Store.

We will research the keywords for your app, write a compelling title and description that includes Call to Action, then track your app success and make adjustments when needed. ASO is especially practical because it doesn’t require any budget and it always delivers.

Social Media Promotion for Android Apps

Social networks are one of the best channels to reach the target audience for your app. We will do thorough research to determine which social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram) will be used in your app promotion.

With paid ads and a creative approach, your app will be aimed at users who are most likely to download.

Content for Your Website

Creating a website for your app is one of the most important ways to promote your product. The website is one of the first things any potential user will search for when considering whether or not to download your app.

Website is a great way to explain to the users what is the purpose of your app and to show your expertise and benefits of your app through blog posts, maybe even other types of content.

Link Building

Your app needs link building efforts just like any other business website out there. As a part of our Inbound Marketing strategy, we will submit your Android app to review websites and relevant blogs who will give their opinion on the quality of the app, incite downloads and help you improve your app, if need be.

The more links you acquire through app reviews, the better the ranking of your app will be. 

Mobile Advertising

There is a very low chance of your app being discovered without some form of advertising and what is the best way than using Google display network, mobile ads, and cross-app promotion. 

This way your app will become visible to those who use apps similar to yours, visit thematically similar websites and reach them while they are already using their phones, ready to click the Download button.

Contact Us If You Need Android App Marketing

Marketing for your app should start before its official launch. If you have a nearly finished product, you should consider what would be the first step in promoting your app.

Contact us for a consultation on what needs to be improved in order for your app to gain more users. 


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