Having an experienced PPC professional manage your Google advertising campaign can make all the difference in your marketing budget and determine the success of the campaign.

More often than not, digital marketers claim they know everything there is to know about PPC just because they can identify the keywords relevant to your business and launch a campaign. In reality, PPC managers face with daily decision making and strategic choice of keywords that convert best. 

You can search for keywords relevant to your industry, spend thousands of dollars and still stay at the same level of sales because Google ads are expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your entire budget.

A  good PPC manager will always make sure you get the highest possible ROI and that the chosen keywords have great conversion rates – in general, that you get the most for the least amount of money invested.

So unless you have a PPC expert in your team, we suggest you don’t ask just anyone from your marketing team with Google advertising and put your client’s or your money at risk, but instead simply outsource to a white label PPC management company.


Optimized PPC Campaigns That Save Your Budget And Bring Conversions

Apart from our white hat SEO services, we also provide highly optimized PPC campaigns. Meaning that we don’t waste your budget for the sake of spending it but we carefully pick the exact keywords most suitable for your business to make sure you get the maximum conversions for the amount you decide to invest.

Since keyword frequency and competition frequently fluctuates and no two projects are the same, we rely exclusively on the latest data. We perform thorough keyword research for each new client in order to maximize the ROI and never recycle the keywords from other similar clients in the same industry.


White Label PPC Account Management

Our white label PPC services do not include only campaign creating and execution. We also provide complete account management for all of your clients. We will provide them (and you) with a single point of contact that can communicate with them on a daily basis, share all the information they need and organize weekly and monthly reporting. Our account management can also include regular meetings as well as voice and video calls, depending on your client’s location and schedule.


Integrated Search Engine Marketing Approach

When you hire an agency that is at the same time experienced in SEO and PPC, you will get an all-in-one service that will guide your clients strategically and make sure their budget is wisely spent. For example, we will know which keywords are not worth investing and when the PPC campaign is the only possible solution if you want your business to be visible. That way your clients can save money and spend according to the current market needs.

The SEO and PPC results that you will achieve with our expertise will improve your reputation and strengthen your relationship with your clients.

We are the white label PPC management company that will always have yours and your client’s best interest in mind and never advise surplus spending on Google advertising. Hopefully, our results will be the best proof of our claims and our expertise.

Not to mention all the money you will save on recruiting and training your own PPC expert(s). With us, you will be getting a whole new department of PPC experts for free. What is more, you can earn without investing your time or your money.

If you are looking for white label PPC management, you can contact us at any time.

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