PPC Advertising for Law Firms

Law Firm PPC

Our company provides effective and precisely managed law firm PPC campaigns.  We carefully analyze your local market and practice area on which you want to establish your presence. Whether you provide corporate legal services, personal injury legal counseling or any other area we will craft your marketing campaign to achieve goals that matters to you the most. We create landing pages and constantly enhance the effectiveness of your ads on Google in order to get you more clients and engage visitors to reach you for your services.

For a law firm, search engine marketing is the most basic but crucial strategy to market the services on the internet. It is an essential strategy that engages the people and educates them about your practice. Within our law firm PPC service our skilled experts are adept in planning and executing Pay Per Click campaigns for the lawyers and constantly work on improving your professional entity to establish, settle and succeed in the industry.


Online Market Research and Metrics for Successful PPC for Lawyers Campaign

This is the time when your PPC markjeting for lawe firms go beyond the generic words as key-phrases, especially for legal professionals. PPC advertising for law firms is more than getting the page rank for selected keywords or phrases associated with your business. Whether it is boosting web traffic for the new business or promoting a firm with some recognition, our team will plan a marketing strategy to deliver you the best results.

Our experts understand the psychology behind the search patterns. This allows them to pick on the keywords that will actually bring in some audience to the webpage. In simpler words, our SEM strategy will provide a substantial boost to steer the audience towards your website.

Our Conversion Setup includes the following

Conversion tracking code implementation

Leads defining and creation

Product order completion page

Contact form page

Phone Calls clicks

Phone Calls from ads


Google & Bing Campaigns for Law Firm PPC campaign management

As a leading advertising platform most of our clients focus on Google Adwords. That is why Google Adwords the cornerstone of our SEM and PPC for lawyers service. Our experts seek for the perfect ads on Google with optimized budget and high conversion rate that brings the most out of any Adwords budget. Our weekly reporting will give you complete picture on how your campaign gets you more clients and how manages your online presence to create you more prospects.

Our detailed planning will help you to put your law firm right in front of the people, who are actively searching on Google and our marketing team will recommend you with several plans with conversion-focused landing pages.

While majority of the people are aware about Google, not many think about Bing. Our team has expertise in preparing SEM for law firms designed for both the search engines. It takes detailed study and immense planning to create campaigns with the Google Adwords. However, there are people looking up for attorneys on the Bing as well. Whatever you choose we will get you the best of it.


Campaign Performance Monitoring

Your law firm PPC campaign will be monitored regularly. Your weekly reporting includes

Avg. position

Number of clicks

Conversion rate reporting





Calls management

Traffic reporting

Custom reporting


For details on SEM planning contact us. We will be glad to take you through the plan and help your legal firm advance in the field.