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SEM For Startups Google AdWords & BingAds

Marketing a Startup in US can be a challenge for multiple reasons. Most startups have a limited marketing budget and they’d want to invest it carefully in order to get the maximum returns on the investment to build the business. Hence SEM for Startups is a great solution. The instant nature of this medium of marketing as well as the targeting and engagement it allows ensures that your money is well spent. Our team has worked closely with Startups to understand their goals and create a marketing strategy around it. This ensures that the marketing dollars can get you results at the soonest..


Finding the Right Set of Keywords

One of the primary essentials of a SEM campaign is the set of keywords used to promote your business. We ensure that we create a very well filtered set of keywords for your pay per click campaign which are not only relevant to your business but can also generate results for you. As a startup, you might not have a lot of people directly searching for your brand or service or product. Hence we also study potential competition and keywords that can lead people to your kind of business while creating the set of keywords for your business. We also take inputs from business owners/managers about what they think their customers look out for and integrate such keywords in the list.


Getting Started on Google & Bing

After finalizing the keywords, we create SEM campaigns on popular search engine networks like Google and Bing. Google Adwords has a set of rules and regulations for ads and ad content. Our team ensures that all guidelines are met and the ads for your startup can get good placement on the search results as well as on network websites. With most of our team being Google Adwords certified, you can be sure that you will receive professional and qualified assistance. More than mere creation, we also monitor, manage and report the campaigns and the results. Other than the popular Google network, we also help manage your SEM for startup campaign on the Bing network.

Ensuring top Results

The aim of any SEM for startup campaign is to get results and get them quick. You can expect the best CTRs at the lowest possible cost per click for your ad campaign. With our experience, we ensure that your ad can be shown to maximum potential buyers and also the conversion rates are maintained towards the higher side.