Reach the Right Customers With State-of-the-Art Hotel SEO


SEO Services for Hotels

SEO services for hotels are absolutely essential if you wish to be found by a wider scope of potential clients. In an effort to save money and cut costs, many savvy hoteliers decide to do the marketing part by themselves, but soon it becomes clear that it is much harder than it seems.

Nowadays tourists mostly use a web search to plan and organize their vacation, and it is important to spend your budget wisely, targeting only on your targeted audience. This will help your hotel gain more reservations and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

With our hotel SEO services, we will ensure that your place of accommodation comes up in the relevant results when a potential customer searches for targeted keywords on Google, Bing or Yahoo. When the initial optimization is done properly, it will keep driving traffic and generating revenue for months to come.


Detailed Keyword Research Analysis

No matter what business you’re in when it comes to an online promotion you will encounter a lot of competition. That is why our SEO services for hotels start by identifying the specific keywords your target customer base uses when searching for your hotel. This is the first and most crucial step of the entire process as we aim to capture the right market and get you the best ROI.

We will carefully target your campaign from the start, and help you by providing our experienced services in order to boost your hotel website’s relevance. After that, we will increase your traffic volume by targeting top long tail keywords and phrases which will be carefully implemented on your web pages.

This is a very important phase of optimization because the Google lists and ranks each page of your website separately. Therefore, you will need someone to carefully choose which pages will appear for a certain keyword. In return, we will rank you higher than your competition and let you capture a larger percentage of potential customers.


Hotel SEO Services Through Strategy And Link Building

Mirror Solutions engages only in white hat SEO strategies for your hotel’s website and internet marketing campaign. Though our service is organic and completely transparent, you can’t expect to see the results overnight. Organic SEO for hotels takes some time to deliver results, but once search engines index the changes we made, you’ll notice your website and business grow significantly.

Link building involves promoting your hotel and acquiring backlinks from relevant travel and tourism websites, blogs and other businesses such as travel agents, cruise lines and holiday rental agents. This includes a lot of research and planning to ensure that you only get high-quality links from reputable sources. Google highly values these types of links and they play a big factor in raising your search results position.

We will also employ marketing strategies that prioritize quality content that your guests and clients will love to share and link to your website. This is a great way to earn a lot of non-search engine traffic, while simultaneously improving your search engine results.


SEM Services For Hotels

The main goal of SEM services is to get results quickly. We will work closely with your hotel management to make sure we understood your goals well and to build a strategy based on our knowledge and the information they provided. After that, our SEM experts will find the right set of keywords which will be used to create a relevant SEM campaign on social media engine networks like Google or Bing. Once the campaign is all set and created, we will monitor and manage it and provide a detailed report for you at the end of each month. Our SEM services for hotels are especially useful when you have a hotel which opened recently and you want to gain a higher rank in search results as soon as possible.



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