Digital Marketing for Hotels


Online Marketing for Hotel Industry

Whatever your hotels niche and business model may be, it is important that you set the stage for your business by creating a powerful online presence. Digital marketing can be a very useful tool if used correctly. It is not a one time project that delivers instant results, but a timely and consistent architecture that delivers on all fields. At Mirror Solutions, we will create a long term and powerful strategy that will help you increase your hotels business.


SEO Services for Hotels

One of the first and most important steps of your digital marketing is developing a successful SEO approach. We will perform complete SEO for your hotel business, which will provide you with a consistent and organic ROI over a long period of time. Our staff will execute a detailed research of your website, business and competitors. This will allow us understand your positioning on the search rankings and create a suitable tactic in order to rank your business on the first page of the search engine results. Proper SEO is a long term strategy that needs time in order to get fruition, but when it does, it offers by far the best ROI.


Full AdWords Campaign Service

Although there are many options to advertise on the internet, Google Adwords is definitely the most effective option. When creating your Google AdWords strategy, we will do everything necessary for your business to have a successful campaign. This includes extensively researching and selecting the top keywords that best suit your hotel business. Our staff will monitor your business’s success daily and test which targeted keywords perform the best. We will also supplement the existing keywords that are not bringing effective results with more suitable ones in order to raise the overall rating and popularity of your hotel.


Professional SEM

Both SEO and SEM are very important if you want to increase traffic to your website. While they both function in different ways, they best work when they are used together. By running a targeted SEM (PPC, CPC, Display) campaign, we will land you on the first page of Google’s rankings in a very short period of time. We offer you our expertise, experience and professional SEM that will make sure your business is visible and at the reach of your potential customers. You can reach us whenever you want and ask us in more detail about all of the benefits of Google Adwords and other PPC platforms.


Social Media Marketing for Hotels

The travel industry relies on social media as the main driving force of the industry. This is understandable, since social media outlets allow tourist businesses like hotels to easily reach potential users and deliver them the right message. It’s critical to manage online ratings, and have a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram and other influent social media outlets. Our staff of marketing experts will conduct extensive research in order to understand your customer base and their needs. We will create a strong social media campaign that will effectively target your niche. Interactions which we will build with your potential customers will help increase your brand awareness and popularity.



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