Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) software to your target audience may not be as easy as it seems. Those who should be the most interested in these technologies in order to improve their business processes still tend to look at the AI and ML as a complex system that is far beyond their reach and tend to stay away from it out of fear of losing their employment. 

However, AI and ML software solutions usually offer a helping hand for the particular task, process and so on, instead of taking over the working position completely. Most of the AI and ML technologies that have been introduced so far have resulted in immense savings in time and money, helped streamline the processes and minimize the losses.

So, how do you market your AI software in such an environment full of bias?


Explanation and Education Through Content

When it comes to complex technologies like AI and ML, the most important thing is to educate your potential customers. You have to explain the benefits of your software without getting into too much detail that will scare away or bore your potential customer. Find a way to translate the workings of your software into an understandable concept that will appeal to your customers and allow them to see the benefits of using it. 

Content Marketing is the best way to educate your target audience. Explain your AI software through written articles, videos, tutorials, webinars, visuals and so on. The more time you dedicate to educating your audience, the more familiar they will become with your product and more likely to subscribe, buy or download your solution.


Targeting the Right Audience Through PPC Service

The majority of AI and ML-based software is targeted at B2B companies. That means that you have to know the pain points of your target industry inside and out. You have to offer solutions to their problems, know what kind of queries they look for on the search engines to improve their businesses and how to position yourself as a company that they can benefit from.

PPC service has always been the marketing tool with the fastest results – you pay for an ad that responds to a certain query and your website comes up on prime spots on search engines. It introduces your business to the relevant companies and increases your website traffic.

Depending on the price of your product and the buying cycle, PPC services can be an extremely cost-effective or a bit on the pricey side. However, since most AI solutions tend to have long buying cycles, PPC services can pay off significantly.


Optimize Your Website Through SEO Services

If you decide that you can’t afford PPC, you can always try optimizing your website that is used as a presentation for the AI software. That way, even if you never invest in PPC, you can be sure that your website will be ranking for relevant search queries. 

Technical SEO will improve your website speed and overall performance which is crucial for ranking while optimizing your content will position your company’s articles as a relevant source of information. 

Unlike PPC, SEO services are usually not a matter of cost and decision, but a necessary first step in promoting your company’s website.


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SaaS tools usually demand constant improvement and customer service, and unless you are willing to organize an in-house digital marketing team, you should look for a specialized Digital Marketing Service for AI Software.

Digital Marketing Service for AI Software, like ours, can provide you with all necessary online promotional channels like content, PPC advertising, SEO, social media advertising and so on.

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