Pay Per Click Marketing for Real Estate


Real Estate PPC Management

Our well versed team of experienced professionals offers a large quantity of services, including the service of Real Estate PPC management at a very effective rate, within your budget. Our program provides a premium solution for your PPC campaign, and there are numerous benefits when it comes to this: from specializing and developing patterns based on the type of property that you are dealing with, to the type of interest and business module, and of course, the location in which you are operating. This service is ideal for both real estate agencies and property management firms that understand the importance of online presence in this branch of business.


Google AdWords is the single most popular PPC advertising system in the world. Our trained professionals have an extensive background in working with Google AdWords and are excellently schooled to deal with all of the challenges that may arise during the process. They know how the system works and how to get the most quality combination of highly convertible keywords and user friendly content. They would optimize your website in a way that is approachable and user friendly, so that it maintains its flow and doesn’t deter potential clients.


Advanced Keywords Selection

When running a Google AdWords campaign, you need to add keywords that would be admissible and important. With this in mind you need to dismiss general and ineffective keywords, and put all of your research on creating productive and focused keywords that would provide you with relevant traffic and increase the number of leads you would get. That is where our Google AdWords specialists come to play, and based on our formula, create a pertinent keyword list that would suit your company the best. No matter if you are in the business of selling, renting or foreclosure, our research and development team will find the best and most applicable keyword list that would be relevant, exhaustive and expansive.


Strong Real Estate Marketing on Google

Every time a search is initiated, Google picks up results from a pool of bidding advertisers that are bidding on the same term. When doing this, it takes in a lot of factors, most importantly the CPC bid, and the Quality Score. We will improve your Ad Rank, and ensure that your website not only gets, but maintains a high value click through rate, landing page quality and stays relevant. More specifically, our team will implement these factors into your website, so that you win more potential customers, at the cost that fits your budget. When you start generating more and better qualified leads, we will provide you with all of the necessary tools and knowledge, so that you can continue building your websites reputation.


High Value-Low Cost

We are focused on delivering you high CTR with low CPC costs in order to provide you with increased business potential, while also keeping all of your expenses in optimal range. Our experience in the past has taught us that with an effective strategy, we can easily achieve a high conversion rate with which our clients can confidently plan and develops future steps, without having to worry about relevance or sustainability of their website.





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