Top Yacht PPC Services

PPC For Yacht Charters

At Mirror Solutions we manage yacht search engine marketing campaigns in a way to get your charter business as more reservations as possible with best use of budget you determine. Our focus is on designing pay per click or Display ad campaigns on that shows real interest in your services and guide them to purchasing your services. Since SEM campaigns present the fastest way to get results on search engines you can be sure your yacht charter company will start increasing the number of bookings and arrangement within first 10 days of the campaign.


Choosing The Audience And Keywords That Bring Customers

Our yacht PPC campaigns are carefully designed and keywords selection presents the most important part of the process.  We thoroughly analyze demand and volume of keywords related to your yacht business and select the keywords that brings relevant visitors  to your website.

With us you don’t have to worry about wasting you resources on clicks that don’t get your sales and reservations. By eliminating inaccurate keywords and setting precise bid Our PPC experts take good care your business is present in front of right audience at the right time using your budget for keywords that make maximum return of investment.

Within our yacht charter SEM services we also offer Display Ad campaigns. Our offer includes from text ads to content rich Image ads. All our ads are designed in compelling way in order to attract potential visitors to your website. Along with creativity and efficiency of our ads we dedicate same amount of time to building an audience with precise selection of websites where your ad should appear.  You can be sure your yacht charter business will be displayed to visitors of the websites whose audience is similar and have interest in topics related to your company (luxury lifestyle, travel, luxury corporate travel etc.).


Top Results on Major Search Advertising Platforms

Mirror Solutions manage Yacht charters SEM campaigns primarily on Google AdWords and Bing Ads search engine advertising networks. We optimize CTRs (click-through rates) CPAs(cost per acquisitions) and metrics data are at their best an both of these platforms.

Concise Reporting

We always keep our work transparent, because we believe trust between us and a client is the best foundations good cooperation and brings the best of both sides. This is why we offer regular weekly and monthly reports for all our search engine marketing campaigns. In the reports you can track costs, number of leads, conversions (reservations, sales) and all other metrics that give clear picture of your campaign  and its profitability.